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From One Adventure to the Next

Composed & Conducted by Tom Little

Live recording session at Shames Family Scoring Stage, Berklee College of Music

SANTI (Short 2021) - directed by Harry Richards

Original Score by Tom Little

Final Scene & End Credits from

11-minute BFI-selected short film 

Tom Little is a Film Composer & Orchestrator from London, England, who recently graduated from Berklee College of Music, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Scoring.  He was selected by the Berklee Screen Scoring Department as the recipient of the 2022 Ramin Djawadi Award prior to his final semester, in which he composed and conducted full orchestral works bi-weekly.  He has worked on multiple short films, promotion videos, advertisements, and podcasts, including a British-made short called ‘SANTI’ directed by Harry Richards, which was selected as 1 of 50 films showcased at the BFI Future Film Festival programme last year.

Tom grew up playing the trumpet, violin, and singing classically, and has been composing orchestral music from around the age of 14.  His love for film music started around the age of 10, when he re-visited many of his favourite childhood movies, such as ‘Monsters Inc.’, ‘The Incredibles’, and ‘Shrek’, and found a passion for the emotive purpose of the music.  Ever since then, he has explored all genres of music, bringing them all together to be able to compose in many different styles, which are displayed in many of his works on this website.  Recently he has focused his time on combining the traditional orchestral sound with more modern, electronic ideas in order to create unique projects with a strong identity.


He has a flare for orchestration, which comes from years of listening to numerous classical works, and film scores ranging all the way back to the 1930s. He is massively inspired by the likes of Bernard Herrmann, John Williams, Thomas Newman and Ludwig Göransson, and looks to, one day, fill their shoes with new and exciting ideas for the world of film & TV.

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